How does it make you who you are? How is it different because of where you live?

What was the first record you ever bought? Which tune did you fall in love to? What was your first gig? What was the first record you ever danced to? What type of music do you sing in the shower? Have you ever been in a tribe? Punk? Rockabilly? Goth? Emo? Soulboy/girl? Do you still have a record player? What music makes you cry? What gets you in a romantic mood? What song(s) would you have at your funeral? Can you play a musical instrument?  These are some of the things we’d like to know.

How do our music tastes differ North to South, country to country? Who is the most musical? Which nation is the most romantic or seductive? Which country likes the most melancholy music? Who cannot get enough happy tunes? Who is the most rebellious? Do people in colder climes have different tastes that those in hot places? Who are the most passionate, loyal or obsessive fans?

Music streaming services can already tell and map what people are listening to at this moment in time but that’s only part of the picture. We want to explore which big music choices we make for the most significant times, people and places in our lives and how those choices differentiate us.

Our Life Sounds is a part fun/part art project/part crowdsourced social experiement into the soundtracks of our lives and what makes us tick.


We will start collating info online, on social media and at real life events and installations, too. We are developing partnerships with music services and organisations. And we’ll be doing some interesting and quirky graphics and video teasers along the way to share some of the cool stuff we discover.

But we can’t do it without you. All of you! Whether you’re a twenty something or a forty something, a kid or an adult, a student or a pensioner we need you all as our music guinea pigs. All you need to do is help spread the word and answer a few questions every now and then as we launch then develop our project through different stages. And we’d love lots of research helpers and ambassadors too who will gather information from those around them to put into the mix too or inspire others to do so on our behalf.


All. Over. The. World. No, seriously. EVERYWHERE. But starting here in the North of England.
Welcome to a very different map of the world.
Be a part of (music) history.

Get involved


This is just the start of this project’s journey. If you’d like to find out more about partnership, sponsorship or collaboration options for Our Life Sounds please contact us. You can find out info about us at Multiminded Digital and Multiminded Music by clicking on the links.

If you’d like to get involved by sharing your Our Life Sounds music choices please fill out your details here. We will also be adding the questions as a sharable survey for social media soon.  We will also send you info as the project develops. We will not share your details.